Women Should be on the Golf Course

Challenge yourself, be with friends and enjoy the beauty and fresh air.    When you travel to different destinations around the world you’ll always find some of the prettiest landscapes on the golf course.  Spring is a popular time of year to improve your game but any time of the year is always a fun time.


Golf is the greatest sport of all.  It challenges one not only physically but also mentally keeping both body and mind fit.   Women need to take time to rekindle their spirit and creativity and there is no better place to do this than on the golf course.  I teach women of all occupations and backgrounds.  The pictures that are posted here are of women enjoying themselves and each other during our spring classes of 2009.   Many have come together and many have come alone but all make new friends.


Allow me to explain why I think golf is so important for women.  Golf requires you to use your imagination on every shot and to focus on every shot in order to hit the ball pure.  Focusing I find to be the most difficult.  It’s amazing what will run through my mind as I am addressing the ball and it’s usually nothing about golf.

By working on my concentration on the golf course, it helps me in other daily activities that require my attention.   I can only hope that what doctors say about keeping the mind stimulated helps to retain memory is true.  Maybe the lure for so many people to play golf is the fact that it is such a multi faceted game that not only requires a lot of practice, technique and skill but also keeps the brain in gear.   People that find golf boring are usually those that do not fully understand the game or the rules by which it is played.


Women cannot be intimidated on the golf course if you play with two simple guidelines; be ready to hit the ball when it is your turn and keep up with group in front of you. Everyone hits bad shots off the tee and if you do, remember so will others.  Now if you want to impress people with a good score, practice your short game.  Most lost shots are around the green and on the green.  If you can improve your short game with good technique and practice you will surely lower your score by several shots and that poor tee shot won’t even be remembered.


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