Why women give up on golf

Why do so many women take up golf, only to give it up a year or two later?
Because it is:
1.A frustrating game.
2.A time consuming game.
3.An intimidating game.

My opinions on this subject are based on the following info:
1.I’m married to a woman who started and quit after one year, for the reasons given above.
2.Being a teacher, I have heard many beginning women golfers comment about the time issue and the intimidation factor. They’re not sure if golf is worth the effort.

Here are my suggestions on how to overcome all of the above:

1.Play with women who are of similar handicap. If you are not a member of a club, join the EWGA (Executive Woman’s Golf League) in your area. They will help you meet other golfers and enjoy monthly get-togethers that emphasize having fun on the course. The EWGA presents golf as a fun, social event, rather than serious competition with scoring expectations.
2.Play a shorter course. By this I don’t mean the total yards of the course. Tee off from the 100 yard marker (yes, put a tee in the ground on the fairway) and when you can score a six or better from that distance, move back to the 150 yard marker, then eventually to the 200 yard marker, and finally from the teeing ground. Playing the course this way is much more comfortable for beginners as they play much faster & don’t feel the pressure of people behind them standing and waiting to play their shot.
3.Take regular instruction. Golf is not an easy sport and you cannot improve on your own. Go to a golf school at least once a year and take a 3-day program, at least until you can break 90 regularly.
In between the annual golf school, follow up with an hourly lesson, preferably with the Pro who conducted your golf school class. If this is not possible, ask him if he does ‘Internet Lessons’ where you can send him a video of your swing from two angles, back & side. He can then assist you with any corrections needed which will keep you on the right track. If neither of those follow-up options are possible, take a lesson from a local PGA Pro. Tell him or her exactly what you’ve been working on, so the Pro can focus on that particular goal with you and not deviate so much that you become confused.

I hope these suggestions inspire more female golfers, not only to take up the game, but to stick with it because they absolutely love to play!


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