Two steps to fix an Over the Top swing

Faldo_David-Graham-aTwo Step “Over the Top” Fix
By David Graham
Marriott Golf Academy, Orlando FL

If your golf buddies tell you that your swing is “over the top”, or if you see your divots going left of your target line, then this two step drill will help cure your “over the top” blues.
In the down swing, the club moves downward to the ball and forward along the target line; but a swing that is “over the top”, or steep in relation to the swing plane, moves outward too early and then left of the target line.

So the fix is a two step process to get the golfer more DOWNWARD in the beginning of the swing and the feeling of more FORWARD through the ball.

Let’s start with the downward part of the swing.  When the club goes more out than down at the start of the downswing the right shoulder and the right arm stay over connected in the downswing and the club cannot be delivered correctly to the ball (meaning the arm does not extend enough in the downswing).

To get the feeling of the right arm separating from the right shoulder, place a ball on the ground in your normal ball position and with your right hand make a back swing and try to throw a ball in your hand and hit the ball on the ground.  See the photo sequence.  By trying to throw a ball at your ball on the target line, your right arm will have to get longer as your right shoulder stays back.


To add the forward element to the golf swing, place the ball on the ground, this time a few feet down the target line.  Again, throw a ball with your right hand and try to hit the ball down the target line.  Now you should feel your right forearm driving forward along the target line.  If you came “over the top” you would actually throw the ball left of your target line.  Notice the second photo sequence.


Work on these two drills separately and then slowly start to blend the downward and forward into one fluid movement and you will never have to hear from your friends that you are “over the top” again.



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