The Shiny Spot

This is perhaps, the single greatest “tip” that I have ever learned.

Everyone is agreed that a great putter is someone who keeps their body very quiet during the putting stroke. They allow their arms to swing freely, while the rest of their body refrains from having any moving parts. Instead of creating a ‘checklist’ of things that you need to do (i.e. keep my body still, swing with my arms, look at the back of the ball, create an accelerating motion etc. etc.; WHEW, I got tired just typing all that!) Here’s what you do.

Focus on the ‘shiny spot’ of the golf ball. This applies, even on cloudy days because every ball has a point of reflective resonance. Simply stay focused on the shiny spot of the ball during the stroke.

What I would like to hear back from you is what you saw after the ball left its position? (I’ll give you a hint, the answer lies on the ground).

I will give you the answer to that question next time, but while you practice just staying focused on that shiny spot, you will find that all of the mechanics of a great putting stroke, automatically happen, when this is all you concentrate on!

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