Stick your rear end out

One of the common things I see in good players is good posture.

On the lesson tee, I see many golfers flex their knees too much to get to the ball and either lean back too much or hunch too much over the ball. This makes it very difficult to make a good turn away from the ball.

Some of you may have heard the phrase “Bend forward from the waist”? One of the things that helps me (and my students) is to think about sticking your rear end out. Ladies and juniors-this will help you a lot when you try to hit the golf ball as well.

This thought will help you tilt forward from the hips, help keep the spine straighter and make it possible for your arms to (delete-will) hang naturally from your shoulders.

Now bend your knees very slightly and keep your chin up-it will be much easier to make a full turn behind the ball and fully coil your body on the backswing..

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To summarize here are some quick tips to do what the best players in the world do when they stand up to the ball.

One      Tilt forward from the hips
Two      Keep your spine straight
Three   Flex your knees only slightly
Four     Weight in the balls of your feet (not in your heels at address)
Five      Chin up and eyes on the ball
Practice this and you will hit more solid, accurate shots that end up down the middle of the fairway and on the green.

As always, we hope this will help you enjoy this great game even more!

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