Starter Set Game

Hugh Royer, III – Director of Instruction
Champions Golf Academy
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The main reason most golfers play poorly is improper course management. Most players, including juniors, think they can just hit the ball as hard and far as possible regardless of the situation. This does not necessarily create the best scoring opportunities. Golf is a game that with the proper training can be very rewarding, but without a good plan can become the most frustrating of tasks.
At the Champions Golf Academy, we integrate a game to help our students become more creative in their thought process on the course.  It’s called “The Starter Set Game.”  The game consists of playing 9 holes from the red tees (regardless of gender) with a 5-iron, 7-iron, 9-iron, and putter.  The game is fun but also very frustrating to those who wish to play one-dimensional. Once the player shoots par or better, they move back to the white tees and add a sand wedge, then the blue tees adding a hybrid or 3-iron, and then the back tees adding a 3-wood.
The Starter Set Game forces individuals to play to specific yardages and play the given clubs to many different yardages to accomplish the goal. Some players grasp the idea very quickly and see improvement within a short period of time at each level.  The idea of working the golf ball has been pushed aside by television and magazines that advocate “smash and bash” golf when youngsters and developing players should learn to play the game in a fundamental and sound way.
The USGA and R&A allow 14 clubs for a reason and golfers should learn to use all of them in many different ways. This can be related to driving a Ferrari: you do not start out in high gear – you have to go through the progression of gears to get into high gear for optimal performance. That is what this game accomplishes.  Even when you become accomplished at shooting the target score or better, keep the imagination active!

Former PGA Tour player and 4-time Nationwide Tour winner Hugh Royer, III is the Director of Instruction at the Champions Golf Academy, Myrtle Beach’s newest and most state-of-the-art instructional facility.  The Champions Golf Academy is an official sponsor of the Canadian Tour, Hooters Tour, Southeastern Junior Golf Tour, and Junior Golf Scoreboard and has partnered with golf corporations such as Nickent Golf, Page & Tuttle, Tour Golf Fitness, UST, V-1, Zelocity, Tomi, and GustBuster/SunBuster for equipment and supplies.  For more information, call (843) 399-1551 or visit


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