Solid Fundamentals Lead to Solid, Powerful Golf Shots

When I started playing the PGA Tour I noticed quickly that power did not come from a big swing, it came from solid fundamentals. A good grip, good stance, good posture, good backswing, etc.

Today I want to focus on some of these fundamentals that will work for ladies, men, junior golfers and senior golfers alike.



You will notice that my chin is up and spine straight, elbows are together, rear-end out, and the knees are slightly flexed. I am tilting from the hips with the arms hanging from the shoulders. My feet are shoulder width apart and my left foot is turned out slightly to the target.



In the backswing, everything works together. The left hand, left arm, left shoulder, left hip and left knee all move together to form a one-piece takeaway.


The left arm is extended and the right knee stays slightly flexed and rock solid on the backswing maintaining my address position and forming a powerful coiling action. I want my weight on the middle of my right foot at the completion of the backswing.


Note that my chest is pointing directly away from the target (back pointing to the target) and left arm extended and left shoulder behind the ball.



I begin my forward swing just before I reach the completion of my backswing by driving my right foot and knee smoothly to the target and turning my hips back to the left. The uncoiling of my lower body creates a tremendous amount of torque and power.  The hands come directly down (not out to the ball) and I want the club coming back to the ball from inside the target line thru the ball.



At impact, I feel like everything is flowing together thru the ball and the club is accelerating the most through the ball and into my finish. A common fault is to start the club down quickly from the top of the backswing-result no acceleration thru the shot.



Notice how extended my arms are past impact. This extension  pulls me into my finish with my hips and right thigh finishing to the target and my body in a straight line.


NOTE: This tip is for right-handers, letfies please turn left and right around.

We hope this tip will help you enjoy this great game even more! See us at the Purtzer Golf Academy to make sure your fundamentals (grip, stance, etc.) are correct so you can play your best!

Keep it in the short grass!

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