Round the Clock

Select a hole that is situated on the slope of a practice putting green.  Place balls on each side of the hole from five feet away.  Try to hole all the balls taking into consideration the different breaks from each putt.  If you miss one of the balls, put it back in its position and go to the next.  Continue moving around the circle until you have holed out all your putts. Once you have mastered five feet, try ten feet, and so on.


This builds a good awareness of the overall putting surface that you are to play on.
From this drill you will learn how the speed changes going up and down hill, side hill and how the grain affects the breaks of the putts.
If you have any questions concerning the drill our Academy Professionals will be happy to assist you. Please call or email with your questions.  Jerry Couzynse, VP Golf.  Phone 800-729-8383 ext. 4602, email


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