The Proper Way to Start a Round

Many golfers arrive at the golf course minutes before their tee time, sign in, bat a few balls, hole several practice putts, down a beer and run to the first tee while agreeing to various wagers. After the round they wonder why they played so badly, lost all their wagers and hit very few quality shots. The answer is simple: they weren’t prepared when it was time to begin.

Just imagine how well you’d play if you arrived at the course with ample time to leisurely check in, enjoy some lunch or breakfast with your foursome as you decide what kind of matches your going to play, do some light stretching, roll some short putts for at least 15 minutes and then practice some longer putts for 5 minutes. Then hit 20 or 30 range balls from little swings with your wedge to a few full swings with your driver. You would then confidently step on to the first tee refreshed and relaxed ready to play well and enjoy what the round has to offer.

Think of what the round is costing: the day’s golf fees, lunch, practice balls, the investment in clubs, balls, lessons and clothing not to mention the precious 4 hours the round takes. Why not invest another hour to an hour-and-a-half to maximize the enjoyment. By simply arriving a little early and following a basic warm up plan you can step on the tee with some self-assurance and a positive mindset. Whereas when you arrive at the course late you find yourself rushed and hurried leading to a quick tempo, short temper and sloppy swing.

Do you think the Tour Professionals arrive minutes before tee time? Of course not, they arrive 60 to 90 minutes early so they can physically and mentally prepare for their round. They are not paid to arrive early but arrive early to increase their chances of getting paid! If the best players in the world follow this routine then maybe all of us could learn something from their successes.

The next time you plan on playing arrive early and take the time to properly prepare for your round. I guarantee you’ll feel better about your game as you step on the first tee and maybe even win a bet or two.


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