More Distance for Dads

One thing all of us are looking for is to get more distance off the tee.  There are things we can do to achieve some of this.  A little bit of stretching daily can give us more range of motion that can create club head speed.  Also getting a driver with proper loft and shaft flex can really make a difference.   Believe it or not but playing the right ball also can give us a few yards.  Here are a few swing tips that I would suggest.

  • Grip:  make it slightly stronger by rotating hands a little bit to the right for a right handed golfer.
  • Ball position:  move the ball a little more forward in the stance  (toward target)
  • Make a full shoulder turn on backswing (get the left shoulder under chin) for a right hander.
  • Good tempo and rhythm
  • Finish the swing all the way through (body facing target, weight on left side)  for the right handed golfer

One thing to remember, the key to distance is good path and solid contact, not how hard you swing.  A person swinging 90 mph with good path and solid contact will hit the ball farther than somebody with 110 mph speed with poor path and poor contact.
Give these tips a try and I bet you see that little extra distance off the tee!

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