Masters Week Magic

 By Jeff Ritter
National Director of Instruction, Nike Golf Schools and Junior Camps

3 Tips from Augusta

Groove your money shot

Every year I go to Augusta and spend a lot of time watching players warm up before each round on the practice tee. One of the most interesting things is to take notice of players practicing specific shots for the days round. It’s obvious when Tiger starts hitting 20 towering hooking Drivers that he is grooving his tee shots on the Par 5 13th and 15th holes. Think about your next round and pick a few key shots you might want to spend some time on before you tee off.

Know your go for it range

One thing that Augusta teaches us is that poor shots into greens are disastrous.  The players are very aware of their “go for it range” where distance to the pin determines exactly how aggressive they can be. Short irons will likely be fired at the flag, Mid to longer irons will generally hit a safe spot near the middle within striking distance and anything longer might even require a lay up.

Slick putt helper

Treacherous greens are a Master’s trademark. Next time you are faced with a lightning quick putt try this little beauty of a tip. Make your practice strokes to get a feel for the length stroke you will need. Upon addressing the putt, slide your hands down the shaft until one finger rests below the grip on the steel. Gripping down effectively makes the club “lighter” thus delivering a softer blow. Guaranteed to work every time!




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