Make your last swing a full one

CONCEPT: Make your last swing a full one


If you’re having trouble getting your approach shots close enough to the hole to make birdie (or par) putts, you may be planning your yardage incorrectly.


First, you have to determine exactly how far you can hit each club in your bag. Let’s say you hit your sand wedge 85 yards. On a par 5, you hit a drive that leaves you 260 yards from the green if you hit your 3-wood normally 200 yards, you’ll be 60 yards from the pin. WHAT THEN?  A three-quarter sand wedge? A knockdown pitching wedge? A lob sot? A 5-iron pitch and run?




Make your last shot to the green a full one. Instead of your 3-wood use the club that you know you can hit 160 yards – perhaps a 5 or 4-iron. Then you’ll be 100yards and only one option, a full pitching wedge. You will not need to tweak or finesse it-you can just make your normal swing. Adjust the “math” for your own game.


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