Is Golf REALLY 90% Mental?

Well, it all depends.  I believe it is a sliding scale based on your current skill level.  On my scale, I feel like golf is 50% mental for 18 handicap golfers, 60% mental for 12 handicap golfers, etc. For scratch golfers it is 90% mental and for Tour players it is 95% mental.

As we build our skill and are able to physically hit the shots, we now must learn the mental skills that unlock us to play as well on a golf course and in a tournament as we do on the range or in a practice round.  I’ve included a couple of videos below to give you an introduction to golf’s mental toughness principles.  Let me know if these help you.

Watch these two videos. 1)Your Golfing B.S. 2) Peak State of Emotion.
Pass this onto your golfing buddies.  They may need to know this.

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