Where Is Your Golf Game? Is A Better Golf Swing In Your Future?

by Marc Solomon, Golf Made Simple

So your golf game still isn’t where you want it to be.  You love the game – you know you can improve – yet, you haven’t made much progress over the last few years.

What are you going to do to make a difference in your game so that next year (which is fast approaching) – you’re not sitting here wondering why your game isn’t where you want it to be.

Through the years, many people have called us to ask us questions about our program, along with asking “how will GMS help me because I’ve had golf instruction before and it didn’t help.”

So we have come up with some questions for Golfers to see why they might not have improved to the point of feeling better and more confident with their golf swing.  And I’m going to share them with you because if you’re not playing to the level you feel you should be – I believe you should be asking yourself these questions:

1. “What is the first thing you want to improve in your golf swing?”

2. “What are you presently doing to improve it?”

3. “Is that working for you?”

4. “If not, what is your next step?

5. “Your scores are currently in the ___ range.  If you keep doing what you’re currently doing – where do you think they’ll be 6 months from today?”

6. “How much do you feel that you can improve if you had 3 full days working with a top Instructor?”

7. “Are you currently using a PLAN or practice system to improve your golf swing?

8. “Do you believe that it’s important to hit the golf ball just as well on the golf course as you do on the practice range?

9. “If so, how much would it help your golf game to spend 9 holes on the golf course with your Instructor helping you to adapt your golf swing to the golf course?

10. “How valuable is a follow-up program that allowed you to speak with your Instructor whenever you wanted to talk about your golf swing?”

Most of the time – after the Golfer answers all the questions (one at a time) – they often say:  “You know, I never thought about it like that.”

Additionally, throughout the years, we have surveyed over 5,000 Golfers and asked them these three important questions:

Have you ever had a golf lesson or attended a golf school other than GMS?  Over 80% have said “yes”.

If so, did you improve as much as you would have liked after that golf lesson or clinic?  Over 80% said “no”.

If you said “no” – do you think the Instructor tried to change your golf swing or did they try to improve the swing you already have?  Over 90% said “tried to change my swing”.

So now I ask you – are you where you want to be with your game?  If not, I believe it would be of benefit to reread the 10 questions listed above and answer them with even more thought (rather than just skimming through this article) on how you’re currently doing and if it has worked.

Then I suggest that you call us – Golf Made Simple, Inc. (GMS) and discuss your answers with us to see if you fit with the GMS program.  Because if you asked a Golfer that has been to GMS the following 2 questions:

After your 3 days with GMS, did you improve as much as you would have liked during your 3 day GMS program?  Over 90% said “yes!”

If you said “yes” – Do you think your GMS Instructor tried to change your golf swing or did your GMS Instructor try to improve the swing you already have?  Over 95% said “worked to improve the swing I already have.”

And the funny thing is – each Golfer that participated in the above questions about their experience with GMS also participated in the 3 questions about their experiences pre-GMS.  Hmmm, don’t you wonder why the GMS Program is so effective?

GMS has 9 US locations and 1 European location for you to choose:  Florida (4 locations), California (2 locations), Arizona, Colorado, Virginia and Spain


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