Getting Over Golf School Phobia

So my question to all you golfers suffering from golfschoolnaphobia – is your golf game worth protecting?  Sure you might feel better about yourself if you shoot 95 rather than 105; but no offense, you are still a hacker.  And unless you work on your game you will likely never get the satisfaction of shooting 85 or 75.

Fortunately, the first step on the path to improvement is something that everyone can do, if they put their mind to it.  You just need to think like a pro.  If you listen to PGA tour player’s interviews every Sunday after a tournament, you will notice that tour players are all very process oriented rather than results oriented.   While the media reporters are constantly grilling the likes of Tiger Woods and others on why they might not have won that week (results oriented), the players response is inevitably how they executed their objectives (process oriented).

“I am pleased because I putted well, the ball just didn’t drop for me”

“I made some mental errors that cost me strokes, but I was pleased with how I was swinging”

The pro’s understand from their years of experience that it is the process that will ultimately determine how they score, so they don’t focus on the results and neither should you.  Your score will ultimately reflect improvements in your process, but in the meantime you need to judge your round of golf based on your personal objectives and not your scorecard.

So my advice to focus on the process and don’t worry about the score card in the meantime. You will be amazed what you can achieve with the right mindset and help from the many talented instructors nationwide.

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