Get a Grip this Season

After you dust off your clubs be sure and revitalize your grips by scrubbing them with hot water and a Brillo or SOS soap pad.  Rinse them off with hot water and dry with a clean towel.

Now lets start out the this season by holding the club correctly.  You must hold the club correctly if you are to reach your potential.

LEFT HAND:  The club should be placed across the bottom of the fingers.  When you close your fingers and thumb on the club, make sure the bottom of your index finger and thumb is pointing at your right eye.  You will notice when you close your fingers on the club that the club moves slightly across the palm of the hand.

RIGHT HAND:  The club should be placed in the fingers of the right hand.  Upon closing the hand, the thumb of your left hand fits in the palm of your right hand.   Make sure the heel of the right hand covers the thumb of the left.

Try not to hold the club too tightly.  A good indication of this would be if the forearms get tense. Hold the club correctly and you will have made great strides toward better golf.


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