Failing to warm up can be dangerous to your health!

I have personally experienced back pain and other injuries due to excessive practice and a lack of a golf specific exercise program.

Tiger Woods, David Duval and many other PGA tour professionals have had golf related back problems in recent years. Tiger Woods developed back problems early in his career. These concerns may shorten the career of what may be the most-gifted golfer of all time. How did Tiger deal with this problem? With the help of his instructor Butch Harmon he developed a somewhat shorter, yet more efficient back swing. This change allowed the same distance on his golf shots, but put less tension on his back. Equally important, Tiger started a daily exercise program specifically designed to gain greater strength and maximum flexibility in his swing.

The most significant changes on the PGA tour over the last ten years is the presence of the “tour fitness van” that travels to every event. Now every serious PGA tour player has some type to regular exercise program to prevent injury and increase flexibility and strength.
A pre shot routine that includes “stretching” prior to your golf game will prevent
injury and will increase your flexibility. Range of motion is the key to longer drives,
as well as bringing greater consistency to your golf shots. The following four
exercises will keep you injury free and be a blessing for your game.

1.  Place the golf club behind your shoulder, bend at the waist (good golf set up,
with both toes pointing 10% out). Now rotate into your back swing, and then rotate to the follow through position.
2.  Hold the golf club with both hands, bend at waist toward your toes slowly (no
3.  Take two clubs in your hands (like ski poles) move your wrists up and down
slowly 20 times to get sufficient blood flow into the wrist area.
4.  Set up for a golf swing, now slowly take a back swing and on your down
swing near impact take your right hand off the club and continue your follow
through with your left hand only. This will prevent the shock of that first
violent pressure on your back that your first full swing can create.

Ladies and Gentlemen these exercises take only 3 minutes prior to each round & are the secret to good health, a fixable golf swing & a enjoyable round of golf.

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