Correct Swing Plane

Many of my students have a problem with swinging the club too much around their body on the backswing and/or too much around their body on the forward swing. Ben Hogan talked about the swing plane in his book 5 Lesson: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and explained the correct angle to swing the club on.

This tip is for right handers, letfties please turn left and right around.

The following drill will help you get pretty close to where you should be on the backswing and the forward swing..

Put your heels a foot and a half to two feet from a wall or tree with a short iron (depending on your height-taller may be able to be closer/shorter may have to be farther from the wall) or imagine there is a wall behind you approximately that far away.

Swing back like you normally would and try to avoid the wall, tree or the imaginary wall. If the club hits the wall on the backswing you are swinging the club too much around your body (you may be starting the club too much inside).


Solution Make sure the thumbs go up as the wrists cock, left arm extends and shoulders turn back on the backswing.

Purtzer-swingpland-correct-finishIf the club hits the wall on the forward swing, you are swinging too much from the outside-in (coming over the top or cutting across the ball, etc.)

Solution On the forward swing, swing the club from the inside (the target line) so the club swings more toward the target instead of swinging to the left of the target. Feel like you are swinging from 7 o’clock through the ball to 1 o’clock (imagine a clock on the ground-with the target being 12 o’clock ). You should feel like you are finishing up taller, thumbs are up and more toward the target than around to the left.

You will know you are on the right track when the club stops hitting the wall (your clubs will be in better shape as well).

As always, I hope this will help you enjoy this great game even more! See your PGA Professional soon if you have questions so he can make sure your fundamentals (grip, stance, etc.) are correct as well as your plane so you can play your best!

Keep it in the short grass!

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Champions practice with purpose and patience!
When PGA Tour Players and top amateurs make swing changes, it can take days, weeks and sometimes even months for the changes to take hold and become comfortable and repeatable. When I played the best golf of my life (shooting many rounds in the low to mid-60’s), I got great advice from my instructors and worked many hours on the fundamentals of the game. The persistence and patience paid off!

Many golfers never reach their potential because they are looking for INSTANT IMPROVEMENT in their golf games. Unfortunately, MOST of the time this is not realistic!

There is no substitute for sound fundamentals, especially in conjunction with desire, hard work, patience, persistence and finally seeing your self being successful at the game. I hope this Purtzer Golf Academy tip will help you play some great golf in the near future.

Hit them long and straight!
Thought for the DAY!!

“Having ability and intelligence is not the key. It’s recognizing that ability, confessing it, appreciating it, developing it, and then using it.”

–Zig Ziglar

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