Choosing the Right Golf School for You

by US Golf School Guide
There are many outstanding golf schools to choose from that will all help you improve and better understand the golf swing and how to play the game, but to get the most out of your golf school experience it is helpful to find a school that fits your individual style of learning, commitment, and desires.

I have outlined below some issues to consider when choosing a golf school to make your next golf school vacation the best ever.  Don’t be shy, ask the school questions.  Most of them have a philosophy or an approach that may or may not be the best one for you.

Are you looking to win the club championship?  Or are you just looking for a few tips to make the game more enjoyable?  If you don’t feel that you have the time or the willingness to work on overhauling your golf swing, you may want to consider a program that emphasizes on-course instruction where the focus is more on course management rather than swing mechanics.

Learning Style:
Are you a feel player or do you need to understand the mechanics of the swing in detail?  Many of the games biggest names in golf instruction have completely different approaches on this.   There is no correct way to learn, but some people respond better one way than another.

Conditioning / Interest Level:
Okay, you have found the perfect school and you are ready to give your all, but you haven’t swung a club in a year.   Make certain you choose a schedule that you can handle physically; hitting balls on the range for hours on end can be tiring.  It is important to have concentration and energy to be able to work on what you are learning.  It is also important to pay close attention to this if you are planning on attending a school with a spouse or significant other who might not share your intensity level.

Taking the time to find the right golf school program will help to ensure that everyone has a great time on your next golf school vacation.


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