Chip it in to win

  Over half of the shots you hit per round are played from within 30 yards of the green, making the short game a critical element to your ability to score. Unfortunately, most amateurs spend more time working on their full swing than on their short game. When you are faced with a shot right

Two types of pitching

By Bill Madonna, Bill Madonna Golf Academy Two factors largely determine your club selection and the degree of swing you need to use: the distance from the green and the terrain. Approach conditions call for two types of shots, a low running shot or a high lofting shot. Practice the low running shot and the

Put Your Wedges to Work!

Isn’t it funny how you can go to the driving range and find the same people grinding away at their full-swings?  They think that by spending hours a day practicing their driver they are going to play better golf.  If their swing looks like Tiger’s, certainly they should be able to shoot similar scores!  Yet,

Blast Shot Fundamentals

A simple fundamental technique, frequent practice, and a positive, anticipatory attitude are easily acquired attributes of the successful bunker player As we create the bunker shot, we begin, as always, with the grip.  We hold the club in a fashion very similar to the pitch  shot:  the club is held in the fingers, the hands

Winning The Fairway Bunker Game

By Chip Koehlke, PGA Director of Instruction, Marriott Golf Academy With Sasha Medina, LPGA Futures Tour Player Many players have a real challenge playing fairway bunker shots, but there are a few tips that can ensure you play good shots from this treacherous hazard. Two common errors are made at address.  First, because the rules

Clearing Up Short Game Confusion

Is there a difference between chipping and pitching, or are they the same?  Let us see if we can shed some light on this short game conundrum. These two shots are different.  There are two basic differences in the shots.  First, with chipping there is little or preferably no wrist hinge.  Secondly, the ball spends