Uphill and Downhill Bunker Shots

Uphill and downhill lies add to the difficulty of bunker shots.  Here are some suggestions that will help you negotiate these lies. Uphill: Address the ball with it forward in your stance and your shoulders tilted more than normal in order to hit through the ball without too much digging but taking just the right

How to Hit the Flop Shot

The flop shot is very valuable when you need to carry the ball over undesirable areas such as water and sand from about 10 to 40 yards.  Hit properly the ball will land on the green and stop reasonably fast. For best results a sand wedge is the proper club to use.  Most high handicap

The Chip Shot

The Situation: Your ball lies 10 feet off the green with high grass between you and the fringe so you can’t putt. You want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible so it can react like a putt, which gives you the best chance of making the shot. The shot selection that makes

Be Centered for Gooad Putting

For the last year, I’ve been working with Canadian PGA Tour Professional Corey Jones. This past season Corey experienced a breakthrough in his putting by making some simple setup adjustments that caused his stroke to improve significantly. Like many golfers, Corey set his weight over his forward foot at address when putting. Because the weight