Putt for Score

In terms of scoring, putting is the most important part of the game.  To be a good putter takes a good technique, concentration and lots of practice.  Many players lack confidence in putting.  In some cases they actually fear this part of the game taking away all the enjoyment.  Positive thinking certainly helps your confidence

The Shiny Spot

This is perhaps, the single greatest “tip” that I have ever learned. Everyone is agreed that a great putter is someone who keeps their body very quiet during the putting stroke. They allow their arms to swing freely, while the rest of their body refrains from having any moving parts. Instead of creating a ‘checklist’

Get Ready, Get Set, Go

  The Simply Great Golf Approach™ To Putting: Get Ready, Get Set, Go by Mike Passmore, Simply Great Golf Academy, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The fastest route to lower scores is usually to improve your putting since putts account for 40 to 45% of your score. Today’s top golfers are averaging less “putts per round”


This article is based on the experience, education and talent of Roland Stafford. He was a graduate of Northwestern University and earned a Masters Degree in Music Education from the University of Arizona.  His musical talents and golfing abilities together culminated in his success as a player, and evolved into his golf instruction methodology that

Good Putting Motion

The putting motion is from position one to position two, back and through. You’ll gain a feel for the length and strength of your stroke (soft, medium or firm) as you try to roll the ball specific distances. Relax the arms and maintain the address position (shoulders and arms forming a triangle) throughout the motion.

Need Help Reading the Green?

By Jerramy Hainline, Hilton Golf Academy Need Help Reading Greens? Some days trying to get a good read on the greens seems nearly impossible!  It seems that the challenge most people face out there each day is reading the sometime subtle breaks in the greens.  The easiest way to read greens anywhere in the world