Build up to the Long Clubs

When I was playing competitive golf, the weakest part of my game was the long irons (not too many hybrids around then either!). I found one way to improve my shots with the longer clubs was to start wedge distance from the green. I would hit shots from there until I was striking the ball

The Address Position

Alignment and ball position are directly related.  People have such a hard time lining up and it really is not that difficult.  Don’t keep your head down but keep looking up at your target to make sure you can swing the entire body through the shot.  If you are too open you will have to

Principles of Alignment

By A.J. Gaul Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy – Palm Desert, CA One of the more critical but unfortunately most misused fundamentals is that of parallel alignment. In its proper form, alignment is set with the clubface aiming along the ball to target line, and the body aiming parallel to this line.  When accomplished properly,

Playing the Hills

Side-hill, down-hill and up-hill lies are not as difficult as every makes them out to be.  I find one of the biggest mistakes made is that people do not take a practice swing before stepping up and hitting the ball.  In order to maintain your balance it is important to feel the lay of the