Holding The Finish

The phrase “holding your finish” can be beneficial, if done the correct way.  My definition of “holding your finish” is – After completion of the swing; you continue to be properly balanced until the ball lands on the ground. Notice that in the above definition I haven’t mentioned where the club is or anything about

Slow Rhythm

Rhythm is often talked about, but greatly misunderstood.  Most golfers that I observe trying to slow their rhythm are actually slowing down their swing speed.  There is a difference between the speed you are swinging and the rhythm you are swinging.  Rhythm should be thought of as a way of making all the body parts

Playing The Game

As  PGA Teaching Professionals, we see golfers put a lot of emphasis on swing purity. Let’s make no mistake, there is nothing in golf like a perfectly struck tee shot that arcs high into the air and lands far down in the center of the fairway. The problem is that it doesn’t happen every time,

Rhythm, Tempo and Timing

The tighter you hold the golf club, the less speed you create. The less swing speed you create; the less distance you hit the ball. The more you grip the club with your hands (small muscles/tendons), the less you swing with your body. Think of your body as the big muscles (shoulders/arms). If you want

Keys to a Smooth Transition

The start of the forward swing needs to be just as smooth as the beginning of the backswing. The swing never totally stops at the top of the backswing but one of the most common mistakes of all golfers is to rush the transition.  Starting the backswing unusually slow is not the answer as the

Addressing the Ball

When addressing the ball it is a mistake to plant your feet first and then try to correct your alignment.  A good habit is to look at your target while placing your feet.  You will naturally line up slightly to the left of the target (for right handers) which allows your center and right side

Are you hooking the ball?

The most common causes of hooking (too much right to left curve on the ball) are a closed club face at the top of the backswing or a bad grip or both.    Usually a closed face at the top of the swing is when the back of the right hand is facing the ground when

Get a Grip this Season

After you dust off your clubs be sure and revitalize your grips by scrubbing them with hot water and a Brillo or SOS soap pad.  Rinse them off with hot water and dry with a clean towel. Now lets start out the this season by holding the club correctly.  You must hold the club correctly

Yoga for Better Golf

Below is a selection of Bird Golf Yoga poses to enhance flexibility. Each yoga pose can be performed on its own to assist with relieving certain conditions, such as lower back injury or fatigue or combine any of these Yoga poses to create a golf exercise program which will encompass strengthening and increasing flexibility of