President of Golf Instruction

Charlie King is running for President of Golf Instruction What Is This About? I know there’s no such thing as a President of Golf Instruction (I’m not that delusional… yet).  I’m using this “Presidential Campaign” to get my message out about A better way to learn golf! …how golf should be taught and learned as

Know the Pro: Mel Sole

Mel Sole has been named a “Top Teacher” by GOLF Magazine since 2001. Mel is selected “Best Teachers in your State” by Golf Digest.(2009) After a playing career on the South African PGA Tour, Mel turned his focus to teaching under the tutelage of Phil Ritson back in the 70’s. Phil had been coach to

How Important is your Backswing

By Don Powers, PGA When you watch golfers hit the golf ball you will see many different backswings. Some are short, some are long and some are in between. Which one is correct? Depending on your body type and physical abilities one of them is correct for you. The majority of inexperienced players I see

Junior Golf Camp to emulate PGA Tour

The John Jacobs/Shelby Futch Junior Performance Academy at Legend Trail Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona hosts a Summer Performance Camp that is designed to give competitive juniors the daily routine of life on the PGA tour. The 8 hour daily camp starts at 6am and includes everything from personalized golf specific physical training to a

Inside the Ropes of a Junior Tournament

by Patrick Livingston, National Golf Schools You are a 15 year old female high school High School sophomore with aspirations to play on the LPGA tour. What are your summer golf expectations? Play in some local PGA Chapter Junior tournaments? Play in some AGJA tournaments? Spend a little time with your PGA Teaching Professional (probably

Choosing a Golf Camp

With the growth of junior golf over the past few years, more and more junior golf schools are popping up all over the country.  There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a camp that is right for your child.  Try to keep in mind the five “F”s of a junior golf

Rhythm, Tempo and Timing

The tighter you hold the golf club, the less speed you create. The less swing speed you create; the less distance you hit the ball. The more you grip the club with your hands (small muscles/tendons), the less you swing with your body. Think of your body as the big muscles (shoulders/arms). If you want