It is called a Pitch Shot, not a Scoop Shot

Pitch shots can be a useful shot to have on the golf course. It allows you to loft the ball into the air and have it stop on the putting surface within a matter of feet instead of releasing and running off the back of the green.

In order to hit this shot, you must use a lofted club and hit the bottom half of the ball to cause backspin. The mistake I see golfers make is the club enters into the grass before it hits the bottom half of the ball. This is known as a “scoop.” It can lead to many different kinds of miss hits.


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To eliminate this mistake, try hitting pitch shots with your right heel raised off the ground. You will feel your weight favor your left side. This promotes the club to hit the bottom half of the ball before it hits the ground.
FaldobenNicholasBen Nicholas
Marriott Golf Academy Certified Instructor
Palm Desert, CA


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