Building from the inside out

My time on the PGA Tour was a fantastic experience even though it was cut short to due to injuries. I learned a lot from competing with the best players in the world. One of the things I soon realized is that the great players spend a lot of time on their short games-putting, chipping and pitching.

One of the drills I learned to be accurate in chipping and pitching is to put two clubs down parallel to your target line about 6-10 inches apart. Take a 6 or 7 iron with the ball positioned off the inside of your right foot, weight 60% on your left foot with your feet 8-10 inches apart.

The path of the club head should be straight back and straight thru-technically, the club head will travel very slightly inside the target-line on the backswing. The right knee with begin the forward stroke and the hands will lead the club head thru impact low and finishing in the middle of the two clubs toward the target.

After you practice your chip and run shots with your 6 or 7 iron, move back away from the green slightly and use your 8 iron, move a little farther away and use your 9 iron, etc.
It is important that you keep your stroke compact so you can accelerate thru the shot- make sure your hands lead the club thru impact and finish with your hands low and the club head low.
Keep moving back away from the target with the clubs down so you can increase the length of your swing.
Work on this and you will start hitting your shots more solidly, accurately and you may even find a few of them ending up in the hole.

As always, we hope this will help you enjoy the great game of golf even more!

See a Purtzer Golf Academy highly-skilled professional or your PGA Professional to make sure your fundamentals are correct so you can play your best and get your game to the next level.
Hit them long and straight!!

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