PREPARE to Play Your Best Golf

By Mike Passmore, Simply Great Golf Academy, N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Better Preparation for Playing a Round of Golf is one strategy that the majority of golfers can implement to play better golf.

Keep “The 4 P’s Principle” in mind:  Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!  The majority of golfers skip this crucial first step to playing their best golf.

How often do you think back and realize that you could have scored lower on the first holes of your game if only you had allowed time for stretching and warming up your golf muscles and allowed time to relax and get your mind focused on your game?

Make a habit of arriving at the golf course a minimum of 40 minutes prior to your tee time.  This strategy gives you 10 minutes for organizing your equipment and check-in, 10 minutes for stretching and full swing warm-up, 10 minutes for putting and chipping practice, and 10 minutes to relax and focus on playing golf.

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