Tee it high to hit it further!

With the deep face drivers on the market today, the tees that we have been using for the last 100 years are being threatened with extinction! In order to get the max out of these new scientific wonders, you have to hit the ball higher on the clubface. This requires use of a longer tee.

Are you hooking the ball?

The most common causes of hooking (too much right to left curve on the ball) are a closed club face at the top of the backswing or a bad grip or both.    Usually a closed face at the top of the swing is when the back of the right hand is facing the ground when

Know the Pro: Mel Sole

Mel Sole has been named a “Top Teacher” by GOLF Magazine since 2001. Mel is selected “Best Teachers in your State” by Golf Digest.(2009) After a playing career on the South African PGA Tour, Mel turned his focus to teaching under the tutelage of Phil Ritson back in the 70’s. Phil had been coach to

Why women give up on golf

Why do so many women take up golf, only to give it up a year or two later? Because it is: 1.A frustrating game. 2.A time consuming game. 3.An intimidating game. My opinions on this subject are based on the following info: 1.I’m married to a woman who started and quit after one year, for

Top Ten Ways to Feel a Winning Swing

  1)  In the address position, it should feel as if….your arms are hanging like a piece of rope. 2)  On the takeaway, it should feel as if….you are pushing a second ball (behind the clubhead) back away from the target. 3)  During the backswing, it should feel as if….you are turning back to shake

Putting On Your Mind

Some of you have expressed difficulties in switching from playing Bermuda greens to Bent grass greens when playing multiple rounds in the Myrtle Beach area. The two most important points to consider are: 1. PACE – Bent grass is usually faster than bermuda, so before you tee off, make sure you go to the putting