Maintain the Triangle

by Paul Purtzer, Purtzer Golf Academy MAINTAIN the TRIANGLE and STAY CONNECTED Through the years I have used many different swing thoughts to get me to swing the club correctly depending on what my faults were at the time. One of the best swing keys for me was when I try to keep my arms

How Important is your Backswing

By Don Powers, PGA When you watch golfers hit the golf ball you will see many different backswings. Some are short, some are long and some are in between. Which one is correct? Depending on your body type and physical abilities one of them is correct for you. The majority of inexperienced players I see

Correct Swing Plane

Many of my students have a problem with swinging the club too much around their body on the backswing and/or too much around their body on the forward swing. Ben Hogan talked about the swing plane in his book 5 Lesson: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and explained the correct angle to swing the club

Build Balance into Your Swing

By Don Powers, Purtzer Golf Academy How Balanced are you? I realize this is a strange question and I am only referring to your golf swing, so stop thinking about the question before it hurts. Balance is so important in life and to your golf swing. I mention the subject because I see many who

Extension on the Backswing Think Wider

Good fundamentals are the key to playing better golf. Today we want to concentrate on one of the most important keys-good extension. You see this in the PGA Tour players, Champions Tour players, LPGA Tour players and all the top amateurs. Fortunately, our teachers stressed good extension and helped us become very good players. Proper