Play to your strengths

Deception is a common characteristic used by some of golf’s greatest architects. The rolling hills of Tom Fazio, the use of railroad ties by Pete Dye, and the elevated crowned shaped greens of Donald Ross provide a few examples. Architects have different ways of changing the landscape to make a 150 yard golf shot appear

2010 Goals

I hope everyone understands the importance of goal setting in golf and all other pursuits. The goals must be clear, attainable, and accurately written out. What a perfect time of year to begin setting your 2010 goals! Write them down and from time to time go back and re-evaluate. My 2010 continuing education and certification

Key Ingredients for Good Putting

Putting accounts for approximately 40% or more of your total score in a round of golf! With this fact in mind, the single most important club to concern yourself with when attempting to lower your handicap is the putter. The four common ingredients among all good putters are as follows: 1) Touch 2) Ability to