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Have you ever tried to throw a ball underhanded? As an unconscious effort each person will rotate their lower body and transfer weight as the hand and arm swing freely down the target line resulting in a straight throw.

Translate that thought with a club in your hands and let the lower body rotate in the same fashion while allowing the club to swing freely down your target line.

The timing of the lower body is working perfectly in sync with the upper body resulting in a more consistent golf swing. Thus, allowing the ball to get in the way of a good golf swing is the key thought.

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Should I go to Golf School?

By Alberto Martinez-Fonts, Jr.

by Rolf Deming, Head Instructor, Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Saddlebrook Resort. With the onset of winter, many people have time to contemplate the possible improvement in their golf game, and wonder whether going to a golf scho

Latest Golf Tip

Dig it out of the dirt, be a better bunker player!

By Mel Sole

This months golf tip comes from working with a student in school last week.  Ellene H. told me she had never been able to get out of a bunker in one shot – EVER!!  I have had success with this drill before so I told her to